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Create Simple Daylight System Scene in 3ds Max 2012


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Now back to the real business!
In this tutorial you will learn some small things about the Daylight system of 3ds Max 2012.
We are also taking you in the new Nitrous Viewport & Quicksilver Hardware Renderer.

For the best preview view the movie on 1080p

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and have a nice day!


Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 – Hotfix 1 Released


Finally Autodesk released a Hotfix for 3ds Max 2012 & 3ds Max 2012 Design.
They can be downloaded on the links below.

Hotfix 1 – Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2012
Hotfix 1 – Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2012

Here are the most important features that has been fixed:
– Nitrous viewports
– Render To Texture
– Skin Modifier
– Unwrap UVW
Click > HERE < For the full readme and information what is fixed of these features

Left Viewport Render = Skylight + Light Tracer Disabled
Right Viewport Render = Slylight + Light Tracer Enabled


Autodesk 3ds Max 2012


The new Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Interface looks just the same as 2010 & 2011 but much much faster with the new Nitrous Viewport drivers. Also the UVW Editor is updated, Includes a complete new window.

The new UVW Editor + Send To bridge for send your models over to a other autodesk software.

The Nitrous Viewport Driver. A very fast viewport renderer with realistic shadows, lightning and more.
So far I did not had much time for playing in the nitrous viewport and materials for a optimal preview.


Latest Models


Latest Models, The left one is a Concept Harvester of Command & Conquer 4. The one on the right is a Hover MRLS for the C&C3: Tiberium Wars Expansion. Called C&C3: Tiberium Icestorm. Check out the Website > HERE <


Here a shaded turn table with the Tiberium Blossom Tree:


Learn, Learn & Learn!


Well I recived 3 brand new training books for training and hotfixing my own skills. SYBEX introduced some awesome training guides for 3ds Max 2011 & Mastering Mental Ray. While reading the books I have to say those explanations of elements are just amazing, Every single detail is explained. Example: They explain every part of an object like faces / edges / polygons and much more.


Starcraft 2 Models


Working on some Starcraft 2 Units for Mods and for public use since there aren’t much modellers and texture artists around.
Later this week I put up a new page with all downloads of the models and other resources.

Below a Work In Progress of the new Marine. With a brand new Guass Rifle, Textures and a Decal.


Unity & 3ds Max – FBX Pivot Problems


While working on some models for Unity Project we encountered serval problems with the Pivot System of Unity. Autodesk 3ds Max has the Z Axis pointed to the sky while Unity has Y Axes pointed to the sky.
Since we do some simple interactive animations in Unity we encountered these problems while animating. Like rotating objects goes totally wrong. What I did to fix it in 3ds Max is.

Select Object >
Affects Pivot >
Reset Pivot >
Center Object >
Rotate Pivot X -90° >
Rotate Pivot Y -180°>

Export FBX

This will allow you to keep the real world standards and fixes the problem in Unity. We hope Unity 3.0 will have a better FBX Importer. On the left the Standard Pivot Settings and on the right are the pivots how it must be when you export it to FBX for Unity 2.6


Mobile Rocket Launch System


Today I Finished the GDI – Hover MRLS Model. The Texture will be added later on. And some more Models will follow to. But it takes some time.


Armoured Personal Carrier Model


Worked on the GDI Armoured Personal Carrier Revision.
This one includes new Rims, Tires, Windows and some other things.
Texture is 256×256 and higher is not required for a this sort of RTS Game.

Here are some Ingame screenshots


Finally Ingame.


After some Rigging, Adding Bones, Material Settings its finally done to get ingame. Here are the results. The screenshots are taken with different lightning settings.