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Website / Portfolio Update, Coming Weeks


The Upcoming Weeks / Months I will be working on my Website aka Portfolio.
There is a lot of content that has to be added and changed. So it’s not up to date!
I will change the looks and feels of the Website slightly and maybe a brand new design!

As I already integrated the WordPress blog to the static html page of the website.

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Update September 2013:
Still working on the Website also going to use another CMS with a Integrated Blog!
So it might be online somewhere in October!

Update March 2013:
As you can see the website is still the same. I’am currently working on some other projects.
Also please check out my Development Blog for the latest Updates. (Or this failing not finished CSS  “Home /News ” Page!)


DAR FBM-100H Logo 3D Render


Here is a 3D Render of the Final DAR FBM-100H Amplifier “Future Breed Machine” Emblem before it gets CNC Milled on Aluminium! If you Live in The Netherlands and like to try this Guitar Amplifier out! Just contact me!

Originally Posted by Mike Giovannotto (Official Post | Website)

Here’s a 3D rendering of the Final FBM Logo before CNC milling.

Big thanks to Christiaan Lefering of E-Studios for his killer work!


DAR Amplification


I have been very inactive lately. But I’am working for a amazing new company which creates the next generation of Guitar Amplifiers!
I’ve been working on 3D Rendering and CAD work for industrial design and manufacture ability. But also Web Related stuff Like: Webdesign & Development including Services and Support!

Here is a Little information about DAR Amplification:DAR Amplification deliver an extreme level of performance to you in an amplifier built without compromise. DAR Amps are precision engineered and built for the single-minded goal of delivering brutal, punishing and unyielding tone all the way up to the highest levels of gain. While so many other amps lose their edge when pushed to the limit, DAR amps persevere with tone, depth and articulation. No matter how hard you push them, your signature tone endures and will never be lost in the mix.

Below a picture of the DAR Forza Quattro!

Equally as impressive, DAR amps deliver incredible shimmering clean boutique tone full of rich Class A harmonics when the gain is turned down. Our amps exhibit the lowest possible hum due to advanced electrical and magnetic principles employed in design and production. Our overall power amp designs are built around the very powerful and rugged 6C33 tube. Proven reliability through its use in MiG 25 fighter planes and Russian tanks, these tubes have been designed to function in the most challenging environments possible. Inexpensive and readily available, they have also been used in high-end HiFi systems for over 10 years.


Apple iPad


Yup…. A few weeks ago I bought the iPad 3G. So far a amazing device for usage. It becomes handy every time when you want to show your friends & family some pictures, videos, music and much much more. Still I got some standard Appz and of course Angry Birds HD & Plants vs Zombies HD.


Kinect, A Cheap Motion Capture Device For Game Developers?


Microsoft ‘Kinect,’ Controller-Free Gaming System, Senses Players’ Motions

Kinect recognizes player’s movements and voices , and enables users to interact with their existing Xbox 360s and some games without a handheld controller. “You are the controller,” said Mike Delman, corporate vice president of Global Marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business. “You simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect sees you move, hears your voice and recognizes your face.” Using full body motion capture, voice recognition and facial recognition, the device offers a new level of interaction that goes beyond immersive motion-controlled video games.

So what does this means? Personally I think this is a great Product for multiple goals. Having fun with your Xbox 360 and Capture Animations for 3ds Max, Maya ??

The Kinect device is probably powered with a USB Connector and has 3 Camera’s Build in Two 3D Cameras and 1 RGB Camera. The RGB Camera works like a normal Webcam and the 2 3D Camera’s Probably working the same but sends other information. So if hobbyist programmers creates drivers for Windows so the Kinect is recognized we could use this powerful device as a Motion Capture Device for Game Character Animations. And not spending thousands euros on a Motion Capture Suite or days of animating characters.