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Product: Steampunk Button, Clothing Accessoires


Working on some Product Designs / Concepts Lately for a Brand new starting Company!
I Also started to work with Autodesk Showcase 2013, To be honest I really like that piece of software for creating awesome RT Renders. It’s a very and very easy learn curve since there are just few options and parts. You are also able to build custom Materials with Textures and other Settings!

Below the final Concept Art created with Autodesk Sketchbook 2013.

NOTE: Product Not Final!
COPYRIGHT: E-Studios 2012 & Steam Fashion B.V.

Product Prototyping.
Final Product Render for Presentation.
Will come Worn Look Brass/Gold & Metallic Black.

Coming Fall 2012 in Multiple Sizes.
30mm / 3cm Diagonal
80mm / 8cm Diagonal


Website / Portfolio Update, Coming Weeks


The Upcoming Weeks / Months I will be working on my Website aka Portfolio.
There is a lot of content that has to be added and changed. So it’s not up to date!
I will change the looks and feels of the Website slightly and maybe a brand new design!

As I already integrated the WordPress blog to the static html page of the website.

Originally Posted by Chrizz

Update September 2013:
Still working on the Website also going to use another CMS with a Integrated Blog!
So it might be online somewhere in October!

Update March 2013:
As you can see the website is still the same. I’am currently working on some other projects.
Also please check out my Development Blog for the latest Updates. (Or this failing not finished CSS  “Home /News ” Page!)