Unity & 3ds Max – FBX Pivot Problems


While working on some models for Unity Project we encountered serval problems with the Pivot System of Unity. Autodesk 3ds Max has the Z Axis pointed to the sky while Unity has Y Axes pointed to the sky.
Since we do some simple interactive animations in Unity we encountered these problems while animating. Like rotating objects goes totally wrong. What I did to fix it in 3ds Max is.

Select Object >
Affects Pivot >
Reset Pivot >
Center Object >
Rotate Pivot X -90° >
Rotate Pivot Y -180°>

Export FBX

This will allow you to keep the real world standards and fixes the problem in Unity. We hope Unity 3.0 will have a better FBX Importer. On the left the Standard Pivot Settings and on the right are the pivots how it must be when you export it to FBX for Unity 2.6

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