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Finally I considered to use Flickr for my Photography Hobby! Sadly I do not have so many Digital Photographs. I stopped Photography years ago since the old films are gone. But now I’am going back to business again! Also did Some Production Model Canon 5D Mark II Pictures from Canon Europe.

Below some Photoshop HDR Picture Tests of some Electronic Products we sell! Real HDR Photography is much much cleaner and nicer with colors, shadows and highlights. For the pictures below I used the Photoshop HDR Filter and edited the settings to my own Taste! I see Photography as Art!

And now… I’am using a Sony Alpha 200 & DT 3.5-6.3 / 18-250 Lens for a while!


DAR Amplification


I have been very inactive lately. But I’am working for a amazing new company which creates the next generation of Guitar Amplifiers!
I’ve been working on 3D Rendering and CAD work for industrial design and manufacture ability. But also Web Related stuff Like: Webdesign & Development including Services and Support!

Here is a Little information about DAR Amplification:DAR Amplification deliver an extreme level of performance to you in an amplifier built without compromise. DAR Amps are precision engineered and built for the single-minded goal of delivering brutal, punishing and unyielding tone all the way up to the highest levels of gain. While so many other amps lose their edge when pushed to the limit, DAR amps persevere with tone, depth and articulation. No matter how hard you push them, your signature tone endures and will never be lost in the mix.

Below a picture of the DAR Forza Quattro!

Equally as impressive, DAR amps deliver incredible shimmering clean boutique tone full of rich Class A harmonics when the gain is turned down. Our amps exhibit the lowest possible hum due to advanced electrical and magnetic principles employed in design and production. Our overall power amp designs are built around the very powerful and rugged 6C33 tube. Proven reliability through its use in MiG 25 fighter planes and Russian tanks, these tubes have been designed to function in the most challenging environments possible. Inexpensive and readily available, they have also been used in high-end HiFi systems for over 10 years.


Created some Code Snippets!


Today I worked on some Code Snippets for this Blog and C&C Society.
I’am very happy with the results right now! See the Code Snippet of the E-Studios Development Blog Below!

Originally Posted by Chrizz (Official Post | Website)

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Software Quality Testing & Gears of War Youtube Channel!


Hey Blog Followers.
Last few weeks we are very busy with testing & playing games:
ANNO 2070, Battlefield 3 Open Beta and for the Record Gears of War 3.

We are very happy that we are in the ANNO 2070 Software Testing Team! And we’ve seen teste and played more than we expected! Myself & Darknavi played ANNO 1404 Venice for more than 260+ Hours and we think ANNO 2070 is the best ANNO game so far, Thanks to Related Designs!

A Youtube Channel is created few days ago and supposed for uploading Gears of War Related Gamplay Videos only!
You can check out the Channel Here

Our Latest Gears of War 3 Horde Gameplay Video “Be sure you watch it on 720p:

Greetings and Enjoy!


Gears of War 3 Beta – Big Head Event – The First Wave!


Last Friday I worked on a new Gears of War 3 Beta video with 15 minutes of cool kills and moves.
I still have 30 minutes of kill / moves video content left for the: “The Second Wave!” and “The Third Wave!”.
These video fragments will come later this week. Enjoy your show! “Watch 720p or Die!”


Steel Talons – Mammoth MK5


Hey All, Today I finished my latest Low-Poly 3D Model. The model uses 3 Diffuse Maps 2 Specular Maps and 2 Normal Maps.
The Mammoth Hull uses one “1024×1024” Resolution Texture and the Legs got two “512×512” Resolution Textures.

The render was done in Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 with:
Nitrous Viewport, Quicksilver Hardware Renderer and mrSun / mrSky Daylight System!
To Create a “Simple Daylight System”, You can watch the “Video Tutorial” > HERE <

On the image below you can watch the Texture process of the Steel Talons – Mammoth MK5 Legs.
Note: Much progress parts are skipped because the image size became huge.


Create Simple Daylight System Scene in 3ds Max 2012


Blog Updated: I integrated the DISQUS Commenting Social Addon into this Blog.
You can use your Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and OpenID to comment on the articles!
For more info about DISQUS go to:

Now back to the real business!
In this tutorial you will learn some small things about the Daylight system of 3ds Max 2012.
We are also taking you in the new Nitrous Viewport & Quicksilver Hardware Renderer.

For the best preview view the movie on 1080p

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and have a nice day!


UDK – Simple Emissive Materials “Tutorial”


Iam Working on some May 2011 UDK Materials for testing.
And as already requested some Standard Emmisive Material Setups.
A Glowing One “Changes Emissive Power/Brightness on Time” and a Standard One….

Be sure you have added a Sine with a Time Linked on it or it wont change the Emissive Power / Brightness on time.
All Nodes with # numbers are Constants. “You can play around with the values of your constants”.


Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 – Hotfix 1 Released


Finally Autodesk released a Hotfix for 3ds Max 2012 & 3ds Max 2012 Design.
They can be downloaded on the links below.

Hotfix 1 – Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2012
Hotfix 1 – Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2012

Here are the most important features that has been fixed:
– Nitrous viewports
– Render To Texture
– Skin Modifier
– Unwrap UVW
Click > HERE < For the full readme and information what is fixed of these features

Left Viewport Render = Skylight + Light Tracer Disabled
Right Viewport Render = Slylight + Light Tracer Enabled


e-Learning Warehouse Trainer


The PR Finally made a public video which is a introduction to the Just Warehouse Trainer.
I am working on the 3D Visuals of this project for over a year now.
And the project also won the “The Best Innovation Award 2011” for e-Learning Games.

Note: The Ingame previews in the video are mostly recorded while the game was in Beta Stages and can contain 3d Visual Artifacts, Non-Textured Assets an Lack of Envi Lightning.